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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • The Presenter's delivery was excellent!
  • So energetic!
  • I enjoyed the group sessions - using "real" situations to get the results you need (Topic: Intuitive Interviewing).
  • Beverly is truly a master of her craft!
  • The handling of questions exceeded my expectations (Topic: Questions That Get Results)
  • Great listener on detailed questions (Topic: Reducing Defensiveness).
  • The Presenter makes the room shine and makes everyone feel comfortable
  • I especially liked using current issues to help learn the concepts (Topic: Customized Communication).
  • The group sessions are also enjoyable.
  • I cannot think of anything that would make this program better.
  • Beverly answered questions very well, even for those who couldn't get out what they wanted to say.
  • Value of the information was exceptional!
  • Great reference materials.
  • I especially liked the breakdown of how you say what you need to get across (Understand What People Are Trying to Say: Voice and Body Language).
  • Beverly is very passionate to her audience.

Lisa Martin, Chattanooga Police Department, Chattanooga TN

Tip of the Day

There is no risk or glory on the sidelines. Get into the game and play hard!! What can you do today to take advantage of an opportunity?

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