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Talk Is NOT Cheap!
Signed Copy - Bard Press; 1999
Communication that doesn't work is expensive. It can cost your next promotion, ruin a good working relationship with your boss and co-workers, drive away your next big sale, and deeply impact your relationship with a good friend or family member. Talk Is NOT Cheap! offers a powerful toolkit to help you communicate more effectively at work and live a richer and happier personal life.
$24.95 (Hardback)
$14.95 (Softback)
Real World Communication Strategies That Work
Signed Copy - Insight Publishing; 2003
A power-packed collection of insights and strategies featuring Beverly Inman-Ebel. No theoretical principles here. You get Real-World Strategies from experts who work in the trenches day-in and day-out!
Success Is A Decision of the Mind
Signed Copy - Insight Publishing; 2004
Don't miss a chapter of this collection of insightful writings on success and achievement from Beverly Inman-Ebel and other top authorities in America! Each chapter brings practical and enlightening strategies that will inspire you to examine your dreams and take steps to achieve true success.

Dalton/Whifield Seminars

Individual Seminars are $79.95 per ticket, or two days for $149.95

Cost per seminar $79.95
Cost per seminar (2 or more): $75.00
Title Date QTY

YPAC Seminars

Individual Seminars are $45.00 per ticket, or you may purchase the entire series for $500.

Cost per seminar $45.00
Cost per seminar (2 or more): $40.50
Title Date QTY

CDs and Tapes

  Set Your Own Attitude and Altitude
This one tape can change your life. It is both inspirational and informative. Side one provides quotes from world leaders on the importance of a positive attitude and addresses recent scientific discoveries about the human brain and the potential of your mind. It captures your attention from the very beginning and helps you understand the reason you do some of the things you do. The author, Beverly Inman-Ebel, compliments the information with practical and true life examples that will start you thinking about just how much control you actually have over your life. Side two offers two simple and extremely effective plans to get your attitude positive and how to keep it that way regardless of what happens around you.
$10.00 (CD)   $5.00 (Tape)
  Y.E.S.—You the Effective Speaker!
Learn to reduce fear of public speaking and to construct a speech that people want to listen to. This tape set is very informative for people who are uncomfortable speaking in front of groups of people. Contained in these 2 tapes are ways to turn fear into energy, learn your speaking style, know your audience and how to construct and deliver content. Don't put your career on hold any longer. Get this tape set and start speaking with confidence!
$10.00 (CD)   $5.00 (Tape)
This humorous tale is a true story that will teach you how to cope while you are laughing. This tape will make you laugh and bring sentimental feelings to the surface. Our CEO tells a true story that happened to here and then masterfully weaves the story into a motivational reflection on your own life. This tape makes a great gift and is more than instructive in nature.
$10.00 (CD)   $5.00 (Tape)


  Handling Family Expectations DVD
  Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job DVD
  How to Treat a Guest DVD
  Listening Skills to Enhance Your Performance DVD
  Strategic Negotiations for Long Term Results DVD
  Telephone Etiquette and Skills DVD


  DISC Classic Personal Profile System
  Team Dimensions Profile
  Time Mastery Profile
  Work Expectations Profile
  Discovering Diversity Profile
  Personal Listening Profile
  Coping and Stress Profile
  Dimensions of Leadership Profile

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